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Adding colored clothes can cause your pristine white bed

We all love the look and feel of crisp white bed sheets, but the problem with white bed sheets is, it is very difficult to maintain their ‘whiter than white’ look for a long time. Here are some great tips by KAMASH-one of the leading best garment steamer review suppliers luxury bed linen brands that can help you keep your white bed linen ‘new like’ for longer. Tip#1 Never wash your white linen with colored clothes While washing your clothes, always make sure to never wash your white linen with colored clothes.

Adding colored clothes can cause your pristine white bed sheet to change colour. Even old clothes are capable of transferring colour, so wash your white linen separately. Also, remember not to wash your other white dirty clothes with your white linen. Tip#2 Use cold water to wash your white linen Unless the bedding contains hard to remove stains, you should never wash your white linen in hot water. Hot water can damage your bedding and decrease its lifespan. Tip #3 Always wash your luxury white linen with mild detergent Avoid using detergents that contain harsh chemicals. Such chemicals will remove stains but leave your precious luxury home linen dull and lifeless. Always use a detergent that is harsh on the stains but mild on the fabric.

There are detergents available in the market, which are exclusively made for fine linens. Tip# 4 Never use bleach Bleach should never be used to wash fine linens as it damages their fibre. Sure, you get immediate stain removal with bleach, but it will cause damage to your linen and make the white to go yellow. For stain removal you can use a pre wash enzyme based cleaner that will remove the stain without causing harm to your linen. Tip#5 Fabric softeners-a big no no Fabric softeners decrease linen’s absorbency and they will also leave the sheets with a film like feeling. Fabric Softeners actually only coat fabric fibres to make them appear soft. Tip#6 Use a mild method of drying To extend the life of your luxury white bedding, you need to make sure that you use only mild method of drying. Put them on a gentle cycle in your dryer and then leave them to dry in shade. Tip#7 Always iron your sheets for a crisp look You get the best results when you iron your bed sheets. Ironing them when they are slightly damp, gives the best result and that crisp look that you see in hotels. There is nothing like the feeling of relaxing in a crisp, fresh, pristine white bed sheet at the end of a long and tiring day.

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